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Model CBYS is a combination butterfly valve and flange x flange end wye strainer. The cast iron wye strainer has standard ANSI Class 150 pound flange ends that connect to a lug type butterfly valve for throttling/isolation. The strainer comes with a stainless steel filter element. The cast iron butterfly valve has a combination infinite/10 position memory stop plate, a one piece disc/shaft, a triple shaft bearing, an aluminum-bronze disc and an EPDM standard liner.

Butterfly Valve is rated 150 PSIG and is suitable for dead-end service

Large steel strainers/filters are not measured in mesh such as smaller strainer screens are. Large strainers are measured in perforations as mesh strainer screens are not sturdy enough to handle the high flow rates. Please note the diameter of the strainer holes and distance between them.
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Dimension A

Dimension B

Dimension C

Dimension D

CBYS250 N/A 2-1/2 in N/A 11.0 in N/A 12.8 in N/A 7.0 in N/A 7.0 in
CBYS300 N/A 3 in N/A 12.0 in N/A 13.8 in N/A 8.0 in N/A 7.5 in
CBYS400 N/A 4 in N/A 14.0 in N/A 16.0 in N/A 9.5 in N/A 9.0 in
CBYS600 N/A 6 in N/A 18.5 in N/A 20.7 in N/A 13.0 in N/A 11.0 in
CBYS800 N/A 8 in N/A 21.7 in N/A 24.1 in N/A 15.0 in N/A 13.5 in
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