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  • Easy product selection
  • Fast, easy actuator installation-no linkage or tools required.
  • Floating or Proportional (0 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, 5 to 10 Vdc, or 4 to 20 mAdc, jumper selectable)
  • Proportional actuator is direct or reverse acting jumper selectable
  • RoHS Compliant (VBS Assemblies)
  • Reach Compliant
Unit of Measure



N/A Automatic Temperature Control

Fail Safe

N/A Model A1XXAXX / Floating or Proportional - Spring Return or Non Spring Return


N/A Schneider / Erie Actuators

Specification No.


Control Signal

N/A 0 to 10 Vdc 0 to 5 Vdc 4 to 20 mAdc (For 4 to 20 mA control, a separate isolated transformer must be used with each valve.) 5 to 10 Vdc Proportional (Jumper selectable. Default configured for 0 to 10 Vdc input signal, direct acting control.)

VA @ 24 Vac

N/A 2.7

VA @ 24 Vdc

N/A 2.8


N/A 10 ft. (3.05 m) Plenum Cable (All plenum cable units include an integral 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) conduit connector fitting.)

Stroke Time (50 Hz)

N/A 159

Stroke Time (60 Hz)

N/A 135

Time-out Delay (50 Hz)

N/A No time-out feature. Controller must provide time-out after three minutes.

Time-out Delay (60 Hz)

N/A No time-out feature. Controller must provide time-out after three minutes.

Actuator Specifications


  • Voltage - 24Vac + 25%, -15% @ 50/60 Hz
  • Power Requirements
  • Manual Operating Lever/Position Indicator - Standard on all models
  • Control Signal - Floating or Proportional; Half wave rectified power supply
  • Timing, Full Open to Full Close
  • Materials - Blue Thermoplastic base and cover
  • Approved for use in air plenums.
  • Shipping & Storage Temperature Limit -40 to 160ºF (-40 to 71ºC)
  • Operating Temperature Limit at max fluid temp.
    • Floating - 32 to 140ºF (0 to 60ºC)
    • Proportional - 32 to 140ºF (0 to 60ºC)
  • Humidity - 5 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Location - NEMA 2, IEC IP31


N/A The A1 series actuators are direct coupled to the valve and accept two position, floating or proportional control signals from a DDC system, controller or thermostat for control of hot or chilled water, or solutions of up to 60% glycol. Typical applications include VAV reheat, fan coil units, hot and chilled water coils in the air handling units, heat pumps and unit ventilators.

Application Notes

N/A Floating / Proportional Spring Return Actuators: When power is applied to the actuator, there is a 3-second delay before the solenoid latches and the gear train is engaged. Upon power loss, the solenoid releases after 2 seconds, allowing the actuator to spring return to normal position. This prevents the loss of valve position during brief outages. The spring return feature should not be used for routine, normal operation.

Proportional Spring Return and Non-Spring Return Actuators: The control signal input and action is selected by means of the input signal jumper on the actuator circuit board. All actuators are shipped with the input signal jumper set for a 0 to 10 Vdc control signal and the control action jumper set for the direct action (DA; valves opens with increasing control signal). Multiple actuators may be connected to a simple controller. Do not exceed the maximum current draw of the controller or transformer. When using a 4 to 20mAdc control signal, a separate isolation transformer must be used with each valve. Proportional Actuators perform a self-calibration cycle on power-up. The actuator will run to the open direction for approximately 20 seconds and then closed direction for approximately 2-1/2" min (60 Hz) pr 3-1/2 min (50 Hz). Once this cycle is complete, the actuator will then accept and respond to the control signal. Manual positioning of the actuator while power is applied is NOT recommended. If the actuator is manually positioned while power is applied, the calibration cycle will need to be completed again for the actuator to function properly. To recalibrate the actuator, cycle power off for more than 6 seconds.

Floating Spring Return and Non-Spring Actuators:
Spring Return and Non-Spring Return actuators with time-out will automatically limit the running time of the actuator. The time-out feature automatically cuts off the control signal to the valve after three minutes of continuous operation. Upon change in control signal direction, the actuator will resume operation. The controller or thermostat used to operate the Non-Spring Return Floating actuator must be configured to turn off the control signal after being continuously on for three minutes. Multiple actuators may be connected to a single controller. Do not exceed the maximum current draw of the controller or transformer.

Agency Listings


UL873 Underwriters Laboratories (File #E9429 Category Temperature indicating and Regulating Equipment).
CUL Listed for use in Canada by Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards C22.2 No. 24.
European Community EMC Directive (89/336/EEC). Low Voltage Directive (72/23/EEC).
Australia This product meets requirements to bear the C-Tick Mark according to the terms specified by the Communications Act of 1992.
Plenum Rating Plenum rated per UL E9429 Vol 2 Section 40.
CRN Number #OCO970.9087TN.
RoHS Compliant A1 actuators comply with European Directive 2002/95. Please consult factory for part number specific compliance
REACH Compliant Compliant as defined in Article 33 of the REACH regulation No. 1907/2006.