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  • Magnetic clutch to maximize the life of the motor and gear train
  • Manual operating lever/position indicator facilitates field setup
  • Easy to use lever terminal blocks
  • Actuator can be installed after the valve body
  • Three wire floating and 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA proportion available
  • Spring return will return actuator to normal position when the power is lost for more than two minutes
  • Ambient Temperature Limits:
      Shipping & Storage: -40 to 158ºF (-40 to 70ºC)
      Operating: 35 to 125ºF (2 to 52ºC)
      Fluid: 32 to 200ºF (0º to 93ºC) Not steam rated
      Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, Non-condensing
      Seat Leakage: ANSI class IV (0.01%)
      Shipping Weight: 1.9 lbs, Actuator and Valve body
      Location: NEMA Type 1
  • Agency Listings (Actuator Only) UL873: Underwriters Laboratories (File #E9429 Category Temperature Indicating and Regulating Equipment) CUL: UL Listed for use in Canada by Underwriters Laboratory. Canadian Standards C22.2 No.24. European Community: EMC Directive (89/336/EEC). Low Voltage Directive (72/23/EEC). Australia: This product meets the requirements to bear the C-Tick Mark according to the terms specified by the Communications Authority under the Radio Communications Act of 1992.
Unit of Measure



N/A Automatic Temperature Control Valves

Valve Body Size Range

N/A 1/2 in3/4 in1 in

Valve Body Type

N/A Zone Valve

Fail Safe

N/A Modulating (Proportional or Floating)


N/A Schneider Erie VM Series

Ambient Temperature Limits (Shipping & Storage)

N/A -40 to 158 ºF-40 to 70 ºC

Ambient Temperature Limits (Operating)

N/A 35 to 125 ºF2 to 52 ºC

Ambient Temperature Limits (Fluid)

N/A 32 to 200 ºF0 to 93 ºC


N/A 5 to 95% RH, Non-condensing

Seat Leakage

N/A ANSI class IV (0.01%)

Shipping Weight (Actuator and Valve body)

N/A 1.9 lb


N/A NEMA Type 1

Specification No.


Actuator Type

N/A Proportional Actuator


Action (Inputs)

N/A Spring Return


N/A 24 VAC
50/60 Hz

Control Circuit Max. (Range)

N/A 0-10 VDC (Factory supplied. Actual range is 1-9 Vdc) 0-5 VDC 4-20 mA 5-10 VDC

Control Circuit Max. (Rin)

N/A >200k 300
Total Actuator Max. (Power-up Inrush)1 N/A 10 VA

Total Actuator Max. (Running)

N/A 1.7 VA



N/A Modulating

Action (Outputs)

N/A Spring Return

Nominal Stroke Time (60 Hz)

N/A 2 min. 30 Sec.

Nominal Stroke Time (50 Hz)

N/A 3 min.

Total Run Time (60 Hz)

N/A 2 min. 45 sec.

Total Run Time (50 Hz)

N/A 3 min. 18 sec.


N/A The Erie™ Modulating PopTop™ Series valve actuator assemblies are designed for closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. The Modulating PopTop is used to control fluid flow in fan coil units, VAV reheat, unit ventilators, AHUs and radiant applications.

The Modulating PopTop Proportional (P) type is compatible with any 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA signal with jumper selectable operating range and action resulting in precise positioning. The floating (T) type is compatible with any 24 Vac three-wire signal when three minute time-out logic resides in the valve actuator or system controller.

The modulating valve assemblies allow the actuator to be snapped onto, or off from, the valve body. The actuator can be mounted after the valve body has been installed into the system without the need for linkages or calibration.

Available in standard (Non-spring return) and spring return modulating actuators. The two-way spring return modulating actuators are provided in either normally closed or normally open operation. The three-way valves are available in normally closed operation only. Valve body reversal provides normally open flow for three-way valve bodies.



  • Action: T series: Direct Acting
      P series: Direct Acting (valve opens port B with increase in signal.) Field selectable reverse acting.
  • Manual override: Allows manual positioning.
  • Operating Pressure Limits: 300 psi (2068, kPa) static pressure.
  • Material:
      Actuator: High temperature plastic
      Valve: Body; Forged brass
      Stem, Nickel-plated/chrome-plated brass
      Seat: Brass
      Plug/Paddle: High temperature thermoplastic/rubber
  • Flow Characteristic: 1.0 to 4.0 Cv: Equal Percentage. 7.0/8.0 Cv: Linear

Flow Coefficients & Maximum Close-Off Pressure Differential


Valve Size Connection Type Flow coefficient
Cv (kv)
Maximum Close-Off ΔP, PSI (kPa)
Operating Mode
Drive Close
Spring Return
Operating Mode
Drive Close
Spring Return
Power Failure Mode*
(Spring Close) PSIΔ
1/2" NPT, SW 1.0 (0.9) 50 (344) 50 (344) 50 (344)
1/2", 3/4" NPT, SW 2.0 (1.8) 50 (344) 50 (344) 20 (138)
1/2", 3/4" NPT, SW 4.0 (3.5) 35 (241) 35 (241) 20 (138)
1" SW
3/4" NPT, SW 7.5 (6.5) 35 (241) 35 (241) 15 (103)
1" SW 8.0 (6.9) 35 (241) 35 (241) 15 (103)

* If valve is driven closed before a power failure, the "operating mode" close-off pressure applies.

  • 1 Transformer must be sized for Power-up Inrush