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Hays braided hose is designed to be used on Commercial HVAC Systems where system pressures require heavy duty hose that withstands years of fluctuating and extreme pressure situations. The braiding also limits the hose from crimping, which reduces flow and impairs the function of the coil.
Unit of Measure



N/A 1 in1/2 in1-1/4 in3/4 in
Lengths1 N/A 12 in18 in24 in36 in


N/A Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Hose

Approximate Outside Diameter

N/A 0.7 in (for Size - 1/2 in) 0.97 in (for Size - 3/4 in) 1.3 in (for Size - 1 in) 1.64 in (for Size - 1-1/4 in)

Max. Working Pressure

N/A 400 psi (for Size - 1/2 in) 400 psi (for Size - 3/4 to 1-1/4 in)

Min. Burst Pressure

N/A Four (4) Times the Working Pressure

Temperature Rating

N/A 32 to 225 ºF (for Size - 1/2 to 1 in) 32 to 225 ºF (for Size - 1-1/4 in)

Bend Radius

N/A 2.0 in (for Size - 1/2 in) 3.5 in (for Size - 3/4 in) 4.5 in (for Size - 1 in) 6 in (for Size - 1-1/4 in)

Hose Connectors

N/A Permanently Crimped


N/A Use Self Actuating Fiber Gaskets


N/A National Pipe Threads per ANSI B1.20.3 Type 1 Class 1


N/A Brass UNSC36000

Specification No.


Material Specifications


N/A Reinforced EPDM


N/A Stainless Steel Braid


N/A 300 Stainless Steel


N/A Brass
  • 1 Dimension equals overall length of the hose from the Male Fixed end to the end of the Swivel attachment. Hose pictured above includes the BP swivel and gasket and BP x MNPT adapter