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Standard Features:

  • Model 2514 Y-Ball Mesurflo with Pressure/Temperature Ports
  • Y-Ball Strainer with Pressure/Temperature Port (in #4 port) and Blowdown Valve with Hose Connector
  • FSWT Coil Fittings with Pressure/Temperature Ports
  • Lever Handle
  • Package Shrink Wrapped on Skin Board (Hard Pipe & Flexible Packages up to 3/4" and Flex Packages using hose lengths up to 24" will be shrink wrapped on skin board. Other sizes are too large and heavy for the board.)

Mixing ATC Assembled on Return Side of Piping Packages as Shown in the Normally Closed Position. For Normally Closed Selection, Port (A) would be Assembled to the By-Pass and Port (B) to the Coil. Port (B) is Always Closed When Not Energized.

Unit of Measure



N/A Automatic


N/A 3 Way-Hard Pipe


N/A 1 in1/2 in3/4 in

Flow Rate

N/A 0.50 to 9.0 gpm

Control Valve Type

N/A 2 Wire-Zone Valve-Spring Return-Diverting

Max. ATC Flow (MAF): Calculated Using Highest Valve Cv @ ΔP of 9

N/A 10 gpm (for Size - 1/2 in) 15 gpm (for Size - 3/4 in)

Max. ATC Close Off Pressure

N/A 10 psi (for Size - 3/4 in) 20 psi (for Size - 1/2 in)

Max. Recommended Flow (MRF): Calculated @ 7 ft/sec. or Max. Valve Flow Rate

N/A 5 gpm (for Size - 1/2 in) 9 gpm (for Size - 1 in) 9 gpm (for Size - 3/4 in)

Noise Sensitive Applications (NSA) Calculated @ 4 ft/sec. or Max. Valve Flow Rate

N/A 3 gpm (for Size - 1/2 in) 5 gpm (for Size - 3/4 in) 9 gpm (for Size - 1 in)

Specification No.

N/A ABPP-SPEC-3P14-002

Dimension A

N/A 5.9 in149 mm

Dimension B

N/A 1.5 in38 mm


N/A Hays Supplied & Installed ATC: 1/2" - 3/4" - 2-Wire 120v, Normally Open or Normally Closed Hays Supplied & Installed ATC: 1/2" - 3/4" - 2-Wire 24v, Normally Open or Normally Closed Customer Supplied - Hays Installed ATC Customer Supplied-Field Installed ATC Extended Pressure/Temperature Ports & Extended Handles Manual Air Vent on Return Side Coil Connection Short Handle Shown